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History - Govind Sudha Perfumes

History of Attars and Perfumes

The word ‘attar’, ‘ittar’ or ‘itra’ are said to have derived from Persian word ‘itir’ meaning perfume. Attar making involves a golden process of extracting natural oils from flowers and plants. India has a tradition and culture of attar making for centuries.

We offer attars in an easy to use and exotic fashion.  They are exotic scents of flowers and plants and bring back nostalgic memories to some and emphatically establish to the modern generation that attars are the basis of or foundation of any fragrance or perfume. 

Our attars are blends of different notes to suit every mood and feeling.  Attars can be sweet as honey, strong as smoke, heavy as earth, light as a morning mist, cold as the Himalayan snow, hot as the tropical sun and beautiful as gardens and bright as the cities lit up by full moon.

We at Govind Sudha Perfumes use magnificent scents of flowers, leaves, roots, spices, barks, peels, roots and fragrant wood.

We connect the tradition and the present taste of our customers to create contemporary perfume oils and aroma products.


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