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Our Company - Govind Sudha Perfumes

GOVIND SUDHA PERFUMES is a company that has an immense passion for fulfilling the sense of smell of it’s customers through its products and services.

In keeping with the rich Indian heritage, we create premium & classic products inspired by nature. We create a range of eco-friendly products and whilst connecting the tradition with the present, we offer a range of contemporary aroma products.

Even today India is a land of olfactory indulgence with the millennials choosing different perfumes for personal grooming.

Our Vision: ‘ Taking the rich Indian Heritage to the globe ’

Our Mission: To be a noble and trusted brand that creates products and services inspired by nature in order to give a holistic beauty, inspiration, richness of good aroma and feeling, radiance and a sense of harmony and well being to an individual so as to increase confidence, individuality and a sense of luxury in life.


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