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Vision & Mission - Govind Sudha Perfumes

Vision and Mission

Govind Sudha Perfumes shares a rich lineage with Late Mr. Govind Kelkar, a world-renowned perfumer and Late Mrs Sudha Kelkar, a great source of inspiration.
Late Mr Govind Kelkar a visionary, philanthropist and industrialist, was one of the most ingenious and creative perfumers of his time, known for developing the most memorable and iconic fragrances in the industry.

Following these footsteps, we at Govind Sudha Perfumes aspire to provide high quality fragrances to an ever-evolving market and provide insight into a rich and culturally diverse country- India, by making perfume creations accessible to everyone through all the modern channels of distribution. ‘With the world as its market, a well nurtured business can bloom and bloom outwardly’ and hence there are horizons unbound.

Adopting these ideals deep rooted in culture coupled with a family background in scents and perfumes, we aim to make GOVINDSUDHA a brand that emerges, spreads and lingers like a fragrance.




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