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Why ‘Ragamala’ for fragrances/ attars / perfumes

Attar /Perfume has notes and chords, just like music does.
Ragamala is a garland of ragas just as our series of attar/fragrances are a garland of accords.

You need to ensure that the composition is right for both music and attar/perfume to blend beautifully to our senses.

The music genre you like also has a lot to do with the type of fragrance you like.

Classical ragas/music and attar/fragrances both depict culture, tradition and heritage of the past as seen in history.

Both require a high level of harmony in the notes.

Perfumer’s vision and music composer’s vision would work in a similar fashion.

To both the time of the day and the season would matter.

Most importantly both have the ability to influence and mirror how we feel, translate and transform our moods, feelings.
They could be loud, quiet, energetic, peaceful, simple, majestic, multifaceted and complex.

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