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Experience the allure of Govind Sudha Perfumes, where the essence of artistry and sophistication converge in every drop. With a legacy rooted in the visionary craftsmanship of Late Mr. Govind Kelkar and the timeless inspiration of Late Mrs. Sudha Kelkar, our premium roll-on based perfume company is committed to curating exceptional fragrances that evoke elegance, elevate experiences, and evoke emotions.

Citrus Fruits


To be a globally recognized premium roll-on perfume brand that carries forward the legacy of Late Mr. Govind Kelkar, a world-renowned perfumer, a visionary, philanthropist and industrialist and Late Mrs Sudha Kelkar, a great source of inspiration, by creating high-quality fragrances that captivate and inspire, while promoting the cultural richness of India.


Our mission is to create and distribute exceptional roll-on perfumes that capture the essence of creativity and innovation, carrying forward the legacy of Govind Sudha Perfumes. We aim to provide a memorable olfactory experience to our customers, making our perfume creations accessible to a global audience through modern distribution channels. By blending tradition, culture, and contemporary trends, we strive to establish Govind Sudha Perfumes as a renowned brand that leaves an enduring impact on individuals, just like a lingering fragrance.

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